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Transform your warehouse operations with improved stock visibility and efficient order picking

Reduce picking errors and streamline your stock take with our Radio Frequency (RF) Warehouse Management Software (WMS).

Using the system, staff use hand-held devices which connect to the main Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition network via RF access points installed in your warehouse. The RF system delivers significant increases in efficiency and productivity to your stock control and picking operations, as well as increasing accuracy in goods-in.

Real-time stock management

RF WMS manages your stock in real-time. The system speeds up your stock take process by continuously monitoring stock, providing your business with real-time stock data

Streamlined processes and increased accuracy

From stock replenishment and goods-in, to order picking and stock taking, RF WMS can dramatically streamline operations and reduce manual picking errors

Added opportunities

Further efficiencies in accuracy and productivity can be achieved when Radio Frequency WMS is used in conjunction with voice technology


Start reducing picking errors now

If you are looking to reduce picking errors and streamline your stock take, contact us today to find out more about Radio Frequency WMS.

Take control of warehouse operations

  • Efficient order picking with fewer errors than a traditional paper-based order picking process

  • Increased sales with our Queuebuster facility, which allows Radio Frequency handheld devices to be used as mobile points of sale in the warehouse

  • Improved stock accuracy at goods-in, as all deliveries are scanned and matched against purchase orders at the point of delivery, with automatic alerts sent to the buyer for any variances against the purchase order

  • A more streamlined stock take process, whenever it is needed, with real-time stock data

  • Better customer service, with more accurate order picking and instant access to real-time stock data for telesales staff

  • Cost savings by eliminating costly picking errors

Accuracy through automation

Tasks are transmitted to staff automatically via RF, product barcodes are scanned using the device and task completions are automatically sent back to the system - so you can have confidence that your order picking operation is performing efficiently and with accuracy.

In addition, RF WMS and the put-away control system allows pickers to find items quicker with location details of where stock is being held in bulk areas in the warehouse. The system also improves stock accuracy at goods-in, as all deliveries are scanned and matched against purchase orders at the point of delivery.

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