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Drive growth and maximise sales on the road

Empower your field sales operation with our new van sales system. The system provides access to essential tools and information, enabling your van sales team to work more efficiently, visit more customers and improve order delivery times.

Up-to-date data

Each handheld is updated daily ensuring the van sales representative has the most up-to-date information on customers, pricing and stock availability.

Instant order capture

A wireless barcode scanner saves time for the van sales representative, by eliminating paper and manual processes such as order entry, leaving more time to visit customers.

Focussed service for customers

With access to customer, stock and sales information, your staff can deliver an efficient service to customers by answering stock queries and taking orders and payments on the spot.

Faster payments

If your van sales reps collect money when out on the road, they can record the payment and an instant payment notification is sent to your credit department, where it is recorded on the customer’s account.

Optimise your van sales operation with the latest information

Deliver a more efficient customer service and increase your sales whilst on the road. Contact us to find out more or download a brochure.

Designed for wholesalers

The van sales solution gives your sales team the tools and information needed to deliver the best customer service and drive your sales. Using our van sales system you can:

  • Securely record transactions and payments, capture signatures and offer printed invoices
  • View sales history and outstanding invoices before each customer visit and record sales information
  • Streamline sales by scanning product barcodes, eliminating paper processes
  • Increase sales with substitutions to out-of-stock products using up-to-date stock information
  • Quickly answer stock queries with fast access to stock information
  • Access comprehensive vehicle management functions such as route planning and vehicle check-lists
  • Increase productivity with CRM functions to record valuable feedback and record ledger and credit enquiries
  • eGuides
  • Infographics
  • Slideshares
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Sanderson is continually developing the functionality of the Swords system, which means it is always able to meet any new demands we place upon it as our company changes and grows; it remains the perfect fit for our business.

Simon Hannah, Managing Director, JW Filshill.

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