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Dramatically reduce picking errors and increase warehouse productivity

Your staff can increase efficiency, improve productivity and save costs with our voice directed Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The solution benefits both the picker and your business by boosting the efficiency of your order picking operations. It uses speech recognition for accurate hands-free order picking and intelligent routing to save time and increase the number of orders picked.

Voice directed order picking software sends picking instructions to warehouse operatives via a wireless headset and microphone. Pickers communicate with the system by providing answers to structured questions, quickly identifying stock and picking the stock orders as required. With hands-free picking, your staff can increase efficiency, improve productivity and reduce handling damage costs.

More accurate picking and less costly errors

Orders are picked accurately based on verbal commands, reducing the costs associated with processing refunds and collecting and returning goods

Training is easy and fast

The system is quick and simple to use, reducing your training costs. It is intuitive and user-friendly. With a fast familiarisation session, the picker can start picking almost immediately. This is beneficial in operations where there is heavy use of temporary staff

Increased productivity with faster order picking

With no need to carry handheld devices or return to work stations to collect the next pick list, pickers can benefit from easier, more streamlined picking

Real-time stock information

Manages and monitors real-time stock movements for added accuracy and peace of mind


Ciaran Lavelle, Heavey RF, Sales Director explains Voice technology used in the warehouse and the benefits achieved by Savage & Whitten.

Boost your warehouse productivity

If you are looking to boost warehouse productivity and increase picking accuracy, contact us or download a brochure today to find out more on voice directed WMS.

Enable faster and easier picking

Voice directed WMS offers:

  • Fewer costly picking errors, reducing the costs of processing returns and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reduced administration compared to printed pick list processes
  • Continual picking with no need to return to work stations to collect the next order
  • Hands-free picking to increase productivity, especially in chilled warehouses or other environments where gloves are required
  • Simple and easy use which reduces training costs
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“For goods inwards we are able to scan deliveries straight off the truck adding to the efficiency of the new dock loading bays, which had reduced unloading times from 3 hours to just 20 minutes.”

Alison James, Project Manager, Regal Wholesale.

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