Manufacturers across all sectors continue investment in Sanderson ERP & MIS solutions

Posted by Kate Simpson on Fri, Oct 15, 2010
Topgrade Sportswear ‘teams up’ with Sanderson

News summary Autumn 2010:

More manufacturing and print business are strengthening their operations by investing in upgrades and additional modules for their Sanderson solutions. Here are some recent highlights:

A print labelling specialist, is implementing Unity MIS to provide efficiency gains at its Northampton-based factory. The solution replaces ‘lots of spreadsheets’ and a 10 year old system to provide a flexible platform for future growth. Integrated factory touchscreen terminals and Radio Frequency units are included. In addition the Reporting Services module will improve management visibility to help analyse business performance and improve decision-making.

Plastics firm continues its commitment to Sanderson with a Unity ERP upgrade for its machining division. This will enable consolidation of the division’s business processes currently spread across three disparate systems. Improved visibility of management information across the system is also a key gain.

A manufacturer and exporter of cranes and crane components, has reduced its IT costs by using our new Virtualisation solutions. The company has reduced its 13 servers down to only three, plus an additional server to provide business continuity.

A plastics Group is beginning its move to Unity ERP with a system upgrade for its manufacturing division. The Group’s growth has led to the upgrade, which will help to standardise operations across the company. As well as adding Unity’s Warehousing / Hand Held functionality, they have also added the CRM and Time & Attendance modules to improve operations.

About Unity ERP

As one of the most flexible ERP systems, Unity ERP streamlines key operational processes to increase efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce costs.

Unity ERP supports Factory Automation with features including: factory touchscreens for accurate Shop Floor Data Capture; integrated capacity planning and scheduling; integrated document and attachment management; and RFID technology to improve warehouse management.

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