How to Be a 5 Minute Manager in Agile Manufacturing

Posted by Mark Ellis on Mon, Apr 02, 2018

Manual processes are draining away far too much management time ‒ could modern ERP deliver true agile manufacturing?

When it comes to the working day, managers don’t have it easy.

Manual processes are dragging management personnel into time black holes it becomes harder to escape from. Business directors need to dig through reams of reports to uncover analytics that are out of date by the time they find them. Finance directors sift through records to find the latest information, and the operations manager can only dream of “real-time” information.

There is a solution.

Agile manufacturing processes are achieved when ERP systems give an up to the minute picture of operations across the organisation. Finally, manufacturing leaders are able to respond to problems as they arise, with robust decisions based on operational evidence.

Let’s see how you could become a five minute manager.

Modern ERP systems aren’t a magic bullet, but they will lighten the load for managers in manufacturing.

As they stand, manual processes require far too much manual intervention from management, leading managers to spend their time directing processes instead of directing the business’ path to success.

By integrating these processes into a modern manufacturing ERP system, this workload can be condensed into as little as five minutes of tasks per day.

And that leaves the important decision makers free to sit up, take stock, and make those important decisions based on up-to-date, accurate information.

Imagine what you could accomplish?

Imagine having flexible processes and rapid decision-making based on real-time information… Discover the secrets of agile manufacturing in our latest manual

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