5 symptoms of outdated IT and why it is a barrier to success in wholesale distribution

Posted by Jackie Taylor on Thu, Nov 08, 2018

Legacy systems, manual processes and spreadsheets limit wholesalers from achieving greater success. Here are the symptoms of outdated IT you should look out for.

As the wholesale and cash and carry industry becomes increasingly competitive, it’s critical for businesses to keep up with advances in technology, so that operations are as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Wholesalers are also operating on low margins and outdated IT systems which have a negative impact on the bottom line. In the slideshare below, we look at common symptoms of outdated IT and how wholesalers can resolve them.

Technology is disrupting the wholesale and cash and carry industry, sometimes at dizzying speed. In this ultra-competitive environment, the effects of outdated systems can be cruelly magnified.

A single, integrated, specialist solution for wholesale distributors, helps ease the pressure on managers responsible for IT and transforms your company, so that it’s best equipped for the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

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