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Sanderson is a well-established, profitable software and IT services business renowned for its innovative, constantly developing software and excellent support services. The Group is run by an experienced team of directors and senior management team.

At Sanderson, we work hard to build close, long-term relationships with our customers. Our expert team understand not only the IT industry but also the complexities of the market in which you operate.

A track record of delivering return
When you purchase an IT solution from Sanderson, you buy-in to a partnership with our dedicated team who work to ensure you achieve maximum return on your investment with us.

Experts in your market
At Sanderson, our team of experts are not only highly specialised in the IT industry but also understand the complexities of the market in which your business operates. This ensures that they are best positioned to advise you on the right IT solution to meet your current and future business needs.

Owning the IPR
We own the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) to most of our software and services. This means that we are able to adopt a collaborative approach to product development and involve our customers should they have any specific requirements which fall beyond the already extensive functionality of our software.

Approachable and responsive
Our customers have regular access to our senior management team should they so desire.

Respected reputation and excellent references
We have a highly respected reputation within our chosen markets with the average length of our customer relationships being in excess of 10 years.

Large referenceable customer base
We have around 800 customers and thousands of users around the world. Our customers choose us and stay with us for our expertise, proven solutions, excellent reputation and track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

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