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Smarter ERP software for repeat manufacturing / make-to-stock businesses

ERP & MRP Software for Repetitive Manufacturing

Grow your manufacturing business faster by removing the inefficiencies that arise from working across multiple software systems to manage your production, sales, procurement and financials.

Sanderson provides the specialist ERP/MRP software you need to streamline and grow your capacity and profits, thanks to our purpose-designed Unity ERP manufacturing software.

Smaller business? Take a look at our UnityExpress small business ERP/MRP software

Lowers production costs

Optimise your business for least cost production with co-ordinated material supply and capacity management

Maximises capacity, lowers stockholding

Work leanly driven by effective make to stock MRP replenishment rules matched to efficient scheduling

Improves response to demand

Integrate your business to ‘make what you sell’ efficiently without stock shortages, thanks to smart production forecasting and prioritisation

Protects your cashflow with real-time visibility

Reveal your true cash position with a fully integrated view of debtors, creditors, costs and spending requirements

Software manufactured for your goals

You receive everything you need to lower costs and improve your output using existing resources. For example:

  • SMARTER PLANNING: manages just in time, material flow (right thing, right place, right time), production plans
  • SMARTER SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROLS: consignment stock, vendor managed inventory (VMI), vendor schedules, ecommerce, pricing and promotions
  • SMARTER CASH CONTROL: streamlines control of your debtor management, cashflow and profitability, bank reconciliation and payments
  • SMARTER TRADING: optimises your credit control, logistics, delivery and load planning

Learn more about Unity ERP’s capabilities for your business:

Operations Hub    Commerce Hub    Supply Chain Hub    Finance & Control Hub

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“Our shop floor data was originally collected and calculated manually. We needed a clear view to calculate cost and capacity accurately. Our ability to manage operations has improved dramatically.”

Managing Director, Howard S. Cooke

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