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The Efficiency Checklist: How to manage unforeseen peaks with a WMS

By Neil Olsson | Nov 13, 2018 9:38:05 AM

We take an in-depth look at the global trends that have transformed the face of online retail, and how warehouse owners need to improve their warehouse efficiency in order to meet modern customer demands.

How can warehouse owners and operators hope to meet the day and night ordering activity of modern consumers without blowing their budget?

Ecommerce and online retail continue to evolve at an exponential rate. Consumer expectations of value-added, on-time delivery services have never been higher, and round-the-clock ordering has made peak periods much more difficult to manage.

On top of the seasonal demands posed by events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, trending social media topics and influencer activity can create product demand surges, capable of creating huge spikes in ordering activity within minutes.

Efficiency is the answer. Prepare yourself with The Efficiency Checklist.

What you have to keep in mind is that the effectiveness of a WMS depends upon a lot more than just the technology itself. Ultimately, it is how a WMS is implemented and subsequently used that will determine whether or not warehouse operations and efficiencies are able to reach their full potential. If you’re not already thinking about a WMS, you risk falling behind your competitors as 51% of respondents are planning to use best of breed WMS applications or full featured WMS systems

The chances of success are highest when a WMS purchase is approached as a matter of teamwork, rather than transaction. By focusing on partnership, rather than just a product, a WMS vendor can ensure that their system is aligned with your individual business needs, delivering a tailored solution that serves to address unforeseen peaks and sudden surges in demand.

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